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Since We've Been Wrong Video


USTEDES GUSTAN? Do you love it?? Or WHAT? xD

I'm super happy; I love it!!

Share your thoughts in this post. :D

what a foul little temptress...Collapse )

I'm new :P

Best community ever! I wanted to share a couple photos I took of Cedric at one of their shows. I don't know, I liked them and thought you might enjoy them. After all, it's Cedric... who could refuse? ♥

Two more!Collapse )

I wonder if anyone would object to starting an Omar daily community... I'm entertaining the idea--it feels so weird not having one for Cedric's other half. :P

Oct. 13th, 2008

If this isn't alright, definitely let me know.

oh good lord.

I found this cruising MySpace. DAMN, DAMN!!!!

This is necessary

Pant Buldge

Not themed...

I am imagining getting on top of Cedric and watching him orgasm to look something like this: